Tradies National Health Month

Tradies National Health Month

The Australian Physiotherapy Association has declared August to be Tradies National Health Month.  And our team at Pilates of MtEliza are getting involved to help spread the word.

Tradies are at the core of Australia’s foundation, without them our country wouldn’t tick. Mt Eliza and surrounding suburbs have a large tradie demographic, from apprentices to seasoned tradies so it is important that they look after themselves. Health and wellbeing should be a tradies most important and valued tool as without it they simply can’t work.

Did you know that 1 in 5 serious injuries involve a tradie? And every day 10 tradies are badly injured at work, with nearly all roofers, plumbers and labourers experiencing back pain, muscle stress and strain from their trade. Mental health is also a significant issue with around 18% of injured workers having to seek mental health services after being off work for more than six months.

Unfortunately our physiotherapists often don’t see tradies for treatment until years later when the pain starts to affect their family life or hobbies, such as surfing or gardening, or when it becomes a serious debilitating issue.

Tradies National Health Month is aiming to get the message to tradies to look after their bodies and wellbeing with some simple tips:

It’s important to reverse all of the ‘bending forwards’ that your spine does all day as this puts extra pressure on your discs between your vertebrae. You can reverse it with some simple back bend stretches in:

  •  Standing (leaning back with your hands supporting the small of your back) or,
  • Lying on your tummy and arching back using your arms to gently push yourself up

Other ways to minimise the risk of injury:

  • Take the time to plan your movements and squat down rather then leaning or bending forwards even if its not heavy.
  • Safe lifting techniques when working with heavier things. You all know the technique!

Watch how you handle objects and follow our simple guide:

  • Keep your chest up where possible
  • Keep loads close to your body
  • Avoid awkward or twisted postures
  • Ask for assistance when required
  • Use equipment to make tasks safer and easier

Seek physiotherapy treatment during the early stages of pain rather then leaving it for months. Pain is much easier and quicker to treat before it progresses into debilitating pain. For more information or to see a physiotherapist at Mt Eliza, please call 9775 4000

Sarah Beck


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