What is Whiplash? Whiplash is defined as an acute acceleration/ deceleration injury to the cervical spine (neck), where the head is flung forwards and backwards at high speeds.  Whiplash injury can result in damage to the joints within the neck, the bones, the soft tissue surrounding the neck or damage to the neural tissue. It […]


Strapped Ankle Sprain

Ankle ligament sprains occur when you roll or twist your ankle. You are at greater risk of this if
you are involved in sports that comprise jumping and lateral movements such as netball, football, basketball and tennis.

Osgood Schlatters Disease

Osgood Schlatters Disease

Have children who play sports regularly and experience pain just below the knee? If they are in their early to mid-teens, they may have a growth pain that is called Osgood Schlatters Disease.

Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder impingement causes sharp pain when elevating your arm to or above shoulder height which refers to the lateral (outside) arm

School Bag Checklist

A new school year often means a new backpack. It’s important to choose the right type of bag to reduce the amount of stress placed on the spine.