From the initial consultation we ensure that your physiotherapy or Pilates sessions meet your goals and needs. This is the difference that gives our clients their results.

Our Services


Our Physiotherapists are experts in human movement and function. We use scientifically based assessments and manual therapy with the aim to restore your function following injuries or ailments.

At Physios of Mt Eliza, we have Physiotherapists with knowledge and experience in Sports Physiotherapy, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Women’s Health, Pre and Post-surgery, Rehabilitation, Spinal and Paediatric Physiotherapy.


At Physios of Mt Eliza we offer individual and group Pilates classes that are taught by our Physiotherapists and professional Pilates instructors.

We offer a wide range of classes to suit you, such as reformer classes, mat classes and small group classes. Our programs are tailored to suit you and your goals, ensuring you get the most out of each and every session.

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Our therapists tailor the type and depth of their treatment to suit your injury or needs. Benefits are many and include reduced muscle tension, decrease in stress and anxiety and improved recovery from injury.

Massage services offered include deep soft tissue, pregnancy, relaxation and dry needling if requested. One hour and half hour appointments are available.

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Physios of Mt Eliza
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New Mat and Reformer Pilates Classes!
PLUS More Massage Appointments Available

Welcome to our new Pilates Instructors Kate, Noriko and Erin and Remedial Massage Therapists Dani and Jake.