Scoring Goals and Breaking Barriers: AFLW Season 2023

Female AFL Player Running with the ball

The 2023 Season of the Australian Women’s Football League (AFLW) has kicked off with players set to ignite stadiums and captivate audiences across the country.

At Physios of Mt Eliza, we are passionate about sport and have proudly supported community sporting clubs for over 35 years. We regularly share current, best practice knowledge for teams, coaches, team managers and parents to help look after the health and well-being of their players.

AFLW Participation & Injury Occurrence

Due to the significant rise in AFLW participation, there has been a notable increase in injury occurrences. In particular, the risks of experiencing Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) ruptures and concussions are respectively 9.2 times and two times higher in comparison to their male AFL counterparts.

Experienced Physiotherapist Amy Decker knows firsthand what it is like to treat these types of injuries on the field as she is the Head Physiotherapist for the AFLW at St Kilda Football Club.

Completing her Bachelor of Exercise Science at ACU in 2011, followed by a Doctor of Physiotherapy at Bond University on the Gold Coast, Amy is passionate about injury prevention being the key to its management. The AFLW Prep to Play Program is one such initiative that has been designed to address injury prevention in female footballers through education and one that Amy wholeheartedly supports.

AFLW Prep to Play Program

The program materials have been developed by professionals to support coaches of female AFL players at all levels – to enhance abilities, boost physical performance, and minimise the occurrence of knee and head injuries. This is achieved by:

  • Improving athlete muscle function and movement quality during change of direction and landing activities;
  • Improving safe execution of ground balls, aerial contests, tackling and being tackled.

The AFLW Prep to Play program has been designed to give structure, guidance, education, and resources to assist local community clubs in developing their existing programs further.

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