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Want to learn why your body craves sugar or why your body retains weight in certain places?

.Healthy Eating


Come along to our FREE Nutrition workshop on October the 3rd at 7pm at Pilates of Mt Eliza studios

The Nutrition Wellness Workshop will be hosted by qualified Nutritionist Alison Tehan. The one-hour workshop is dedicated to optimising your wellness through nutrition. You will learn tips and tools that you can start using immediately to improve your health and wellness.

Come and learn how many common symptoms we experience on a daily basis could be due to a number of hormonal imbalances, which can be well managed.

At this workshop you will learn:

* How to improve your energy levels

* Why you retain and have trouble shifting weight in certain places.

* What a healthy snack looks like

* Why you crave sugar, no matter how hard you try to resist it

* How to use food and nutritional strategies to rebalance your hormones

* How to identify problematic foods, and practical tips on how you

* 5 simple steps to improve your health

About Alison

Alison is a qualified nutritionist who is passionate about helping people understand how whole food nutrition is vital to achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

Alison’s approach to nutrition is focused on building long-term, nourishing eating habits that promote healthy outcomes. She provides clients with a holistic, realistic and individual approach to a nutrition plan that leads to improved health choices that work for them. She encourages a healthy relationship with food without the guilt and recommends beneficial and sustainable eating habits with no fad diets!

This is a FREE workshop for all Pilates of Mt Eliza clients, if you would like to come along, please RSVP on 9775 4000 or email us on info@pilatesofmteliza.com.au

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